Eric Jaeschke

Eric Jaeschke

Senior Forester / GIS Specialist

Eric Jaeschke Senior Forester and GIS SpecialistMr. Jaeschke serves as Senior Forester and GIS Specialist for Aster Global Environmental Solutions. He is a Lead Verifier and audit team member providing technical review support for forest carbon offset projects under a variety of rule sets including Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and CA Air Resources Board (ARB). He handles project management for VCS and ARB project audits, forest project methodological review and serves as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist for the Company.
As a Lead Verifier Mr. Jaeschke supervises implementation of project audits including; site visits, issuance of formal corrective action requests, report submission, and steps leading to successful audit completion. GIS Specialist responsibilities include image processing and interpretation, photogrammetry, digital cartography, geospatial data quality control, feature analysis checks, and analytics.
He has 8 years of experience in the field of forestry, GIS, remote sensing, and related matters. Mr. Jaeschke’s specialties include forest inventory planning, forest management planning, land cover mapping, GIS analysis, and statistical data analysis of natural resources.
Mr. Jaeschke began his professional career working for the USDA Forest Service on projects ranging from regional timber management to bark beetle impact studies. Land cover mapping and field validation have been an integral part of his work in a variety of settings. He has also spent time on forest hydrology topics, including MSc research on the active contributing area and hydrologic behavior of a managed forest wetland in North Carolina. Mr. Jaeschke has been auditing forest carbon offset projects since Fall 2013.
Mr. Jaeschke is a California Air Resources Board Lead Verifier, a professional member and Certified Forester with the Society of American Foresters (SAF), a California Registered Professional Forester, and a West Virginia Registered Forester.

Eric's Resume

Education Level:

M.S. Forestry, North Carolina State University, 2013
M.S. Forestry, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2014
B.S. Forest Resource Management, West Virginia University, 2008
Graduate Certificate in GIS North Carolina State University, 2015

Years of Experience:


Professional Affiliations:

  • Society of American Foresters


  • California Air Resources Board Lead Verifier (Executive Order H2-18-221)
  • Society of American Foresters Certified Forester #160482
  • California Registered Professional Forester, #3027
  • West Virginia Registered Forester, #781
  • Mississippi Registered Forester, #02661
  • Wildland Firefighting (I-100, S-130, S-190)

GHG Validation and Verification Experience

Ms. McMahon has been conducting third-party validations and verification since 2007 and the company has been accredited by ANSI under the ISO standards previously identified since March 2010. Ms. McMahon has been the Lead Verifier on over 50 organizational-level GHG inventory verifications (BC and TCR) and has provided technical review or QA/QC on 100+ AFOLU offset projects and methodology assessments for VCS, CCB, CAR, ACR, ARB and NFS.

Specific Project Experience

American Carbon Registry ( ACR )
California Air Resources Board (ARB)
British Columbia (BC)
Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
Climate Action Reserve (Reserve)
Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA)
Natural Forest Standard (NFS)
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA)
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