Barbara Toole O'Neil

Barbara Toole O'Neil

Principal Scientist

Barbara Toole O'NeilAs a Principal Scientist for Aster Global Environmental Solutions, Ms. Toole O’Neil focuses on climate services, corporate responsibility, energy efficiency projects, organizational-level verifications, and offset project validation/verification from industrial manufacturing to ecosystems services sectors. Her work responsibilities have addressed a wide range of environmental issues from preparing inventories or offset project documents to assessing methodologies submitted to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) (forestry to energy efficiency); validating/ verifying inventories and carbon offset projects, corporate social responsibility auditing, developing governance for sustainability non-profits, to writing a social standard to assess the impact of environmental projects (carbon, water, forestry, agriculture) on the quality of life for women in emerging third world countries. She is currently a member of the Hearing Board of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and a member of the Environmental Management Advisory Board for the UC Berkeley Extension program, advisor to Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute Standards Board for Renewable Energy and Carbon Management. In the past two years, she has completed 26 verifications for offset projects and inventories submitted to VCS, BC, CARB, or CDP. Her role has been lead validator/verifier, technical expert, senior/technical reviewer or standardized methodology expert. She also is a team member on five environment and climate projects. Prior to her position with Aster Global Ms. Toole O’Neil has performed a was a Principal Consultant with Det Norske Veritas (now DNV∙GL) focusing on climate and air quality issues in North America. She lead the effort to gain ANSI accreditation to the ISO14065 standard, CARB accreditation, CAR, VCS and ACR accreditation. Her projects have ranged from preparing inventories, reviewing inventories prior to verification, annual update training for inventories and projects to validating/ verifying GHG offset projects In addition to her role with Aster Global, Ms. Toole O’Neil is an instructor at the University of California, Berkeley in the Construction and Sustainability Management program teaching classes on environmental measurement and monitoring, California and US environmental law, California Environmental Leadership, Ecosystems and Sustainability and introduction and fundamentals of greenhouse gas management. She is a member of the Environmental Management Advisory Board for the UC Berkeley Extension program.

Barbara's Resume

Education Level:

M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Akron
B.S., Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University

Years of Experience:


Professional Affiliations:

  • Board of Directors, Air Waste Management Association (AWMA
  • Board of Directors (2007-2018) AWMA Golden West Section
  • US representative to ISO Technical Committee 207 for development of ISO 14060 series (GHG and Water standards)
  • Member, Sigma Xi, AWMA, IHMM, ISSP


  • ICAO Certified CORSIA Verifier
  • ARB Lead Verifier (H2-15-198), Compliance Offset and Ozone Depleting Substances Specialist
  • ARB Lead Verifier (H-15-144) Mandatory Reporting Program
  • Verified Carbon Standard Approved Standardized Methodology Expert
  • EICC VAP Qualified Auditor (VAP-20150321-01-03EQE01)

GHG Validation and Verification Experience

Aster Global has been conducting third-party validations and verification since 2007 and has been accredited by ANSI under ISO 14065:2007 since March of 2010.  Due to strict confidentiality requirements associated with many of our current and past projects we are unable to discuss full details of projects. However, the following is a list by program of the past and current project validation/verification experience of Ms. Toole O’Neil:


American Carbon Registry ( ACR )
California Air Resources Board (ARB)
British Columbia (BC)
Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
Climate Action Reserve (Reserve)
Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA)
Natural Forest Standard (NFS)
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA)
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