Forester / Auditor / GIS Remote Sensing Specialist 

Aster Global has an immediate need for a forester/auditor/GIS remote sensing specialist.

The ideal candidate will have an interest in the developing market of climate change, agricultural, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) offset (carbon sequestration) projects, including validation/verification (3rd-party audits) of offset projects.

The role of Forest Auditor/GIS Remote Sensing Specialist requires general knowledge and understanding of auditing practices under multiple platforms, offset carbon markets, timber inventory design and analysis, growth and yield modeling, timber management planning and similar.  They maintain professional, certified/licensed forester designations as well as required certifications/training in the voluntary and compliance carbon offset market.  They demonstrate strong organizational, management and communication skills for projects, including clients, third-parties, management staff and team members.  Strong background in forestry, inventory design and implementation, statistics, and natural resource GIS and remote sense applications, GIS experience using geospatial tools including ArcGIS 10.X suite to critically evaluate geospatial data as part of project level audits required. May be called upon for advanced geospatial analytics in the QA/QC process for audits and create original work to assist in project development tasks.

Candidate needs to be a self-motivator with the ability to be productive in all types of work environments. The work location is flexible with responsibilities world-wide.

Your contributions to our success will include:

  • Evaluating and implementing forest growth and yield models.
  • Assisting with and conducting desktop and field validations and verifications of forest carbon offset projects.
  • Assessment/development/implementation of forest inventories to verify forest carbon offset projects and data management.
  • Quantifying various attributes from forest inventory data, including statistical metrics.
  • Establishing biomass and carbon stocking levels, and calculating biological sequestration, from forest inventory data collected using a wide range of methods.
  • Familiarity with the integration of tabular and geospatial data sources using ArcGIS, Microsoft Access, Excel, R script, Python, and other common formats
  • Designing and conducting forest inventories and performing inventory analysis.
  • Developing of short and long-term forest management and planting/reforestation plans, determining optimal silvicultural prescriptions, and implementing forest monitoring.
  • Monitoring contract compliance and results of forest management activities to assure adherence to government regulations and/or carbon market requirements.
  • Determining optimal timber harvesting methods yielding minimum waste and environmental damage.
  • Assessing deforested lands to ensure proper reclamation to the most suitable end uses.
  • Implementing projects for conservation of wildlife habitats and soil and water quality.
  • Conducting forest surveys and related studies.
  • Performing inspections of forests or forest nurseries.
  • Participating in inventory/planting audits.
  • Mapping various forest attributes, conducting geospatial analysis, and producing field maps.
  • Supporting management with special projects and workflow process improvements and other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills – must communicate clearly and concisely in a variety of communication settings and styles (including in foreign countries and non-English speaking situations). Effectively tailoring the message to the needs of the audience.
  • Strong knowledge forest inventory applications.
  • Ability to adapt and adjust to new field situations and/or regulations.
  • Quality mensuration services (including field inventory), record-keeping/management, and subsequent data processing (i.e. volume and biomass/carbon quantification and growth and yield modeling) will be an essential component for this position.
  • Demonstrated knowledge using remote sensing technologies (i.e. ArcMap or other web-based GIS applications) to evaluate and ascertain detailed forest tract information.
  • Experience using GPS and integrating field-acquired data into ArcMap for project documentation and processing.
  • Knowledge spanning a broad range of technical and analytical services related to forest inventory design, implementation, mensuration, growth and yield modeling, statistical analysis, and spatial analysis/modeling.

If you have the following it is a plus:

  • Strong understanding of the voluntary forest carbon market and GHG Programs (VCS, ARB, CAR, ACR, etc.).
  • Auditing experience.
  • Experience developing and implementing timber cruises to meet time and cost constraints.
  • Experience with programming and development/implementation of forest growth models.
  • Social and environmental assessment/survey background.
  • Certified Forester designation through the Society of American Foresters or Certified Forester Candidate and/or state-registered forester.
  • Desire and ability to rapidly develop expertise in forest carbon project protocols such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry (ACR), and California Air Resource Board (ARB).

Desired Proficiencies:

  • Proficiency and familiarity in use of ArcGIS tools for natural resources including ArcView, ArcMap, and ArcGIS Pro
  • Familiarity with the integration of tabular and geospatial data sources using ArcGIS, Microsoft Access, Excel, R script, Python, and other common formats
  • Familiarity with acquisition of publicly available web-based geospatial data for use in auditing functions including, for instance; Google Earth, Collect Earth, NRCS Web Soil Survey SSURGO, Sentinel-2, and other sources as required
  • Ability to synthesize and process complex forest typing and stratification schemes for forest carbon offset project inventories
  • Willingness to explore and implement creative review strategies to facilitate internal audit processes as required on individual projects
  • Effective document preparation, presentation, and communication skills are required
  • Proficient in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access; basic knowledge of graphics programs
  • Detailed and thorough in completing work tasks
  • Thorough knowledge of federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.
  • Thorough knowledge of forestry practices, certifications and voluntary/compliance GHG reductions programs
  • Excellent analytical skills (strong statistics and biometrics background preferred)
  • Excellent organizational and social skills required
  • Desire and ability to work cohesively as part of a team of experts


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in forestry or forest management (analytical/biometric/geospatial focus preferred), or closely related science
  • Certificate in GIS
  • Or 5+ years experience in the field with Remote Sensing Responsibilities


  • Travel required (approximately 40%-60%), both domestically and internationally (can include 3-4 weeks in the field at a time, though typically 1 week at a time)

Physical Requirements of the Job:

  • Typically works in outdoors environment (domestic and international), which may include extreme working conditions and inclement weather conditions.
  • Working in diverse domestic and international forests requiring exposure and interactions with extreme terrain, native wildlife, insects, and various forest conditions throughout the year.
  • As needed, lifts, carries or otherwise moves and positions objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Must be able to pass general physically fit testing.
  • May be required to move about to coordinate work.
  • Ability to communicate or exchange ideas by means of verbal or written word to impart information to clients or to the public and to convey detailed instructions to other workers and translators.
  • Ability to work remotely (i.e. home office, remote field locations) without distractions and interruptions to complete a minimum 40-hour work week

Job Location: Remote position - Flexible with responsibilities and travel opportunities world-wide.

Preferred Start Date: July 20201

Salary/Benefits: Aster Global offers a comprehensive benefit package consisting of: Medical, Vision, Dental, Life Insurance, Short & Long -Term Disability Insurance, Retirement Plan, 12-Paid Holidays per year, Paid Vacation, Personal Time off Pay, and Bereavement Pay. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Employment Contingencies:

  • Successful candidate(s) must pass a background check and must pass a drug test.
  • Must have valid driver license and
  • Work requires occasional weekend and/or evening work.
  • Must be able to travel for up to 20 consecutive days.

How to Apply:
Interested candidates should send their resume, writing sample, three references, and anticipated starting salary via email to Natalie Hammer by 9 July 2021.


Aster Global is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Aster Global Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Aster Global), is a world-wide leader in the provision of Forestry Carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Services. With over 15 year of experience in the GHG emissions/removals and climate change market and 20+ year of experience in forestry and environmental consulting, the Aster Global team is a dynamic, diverse, and rapidly growing group of professionals who are known for their expertise, integrity, and customer service.

Aster Global is accredited by the ANSI National Standards Institute (ANAB) under ISO 14065:2007 for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies including: ISO 14064-3:2013, ISO 14065:2007, validation/verification of assertions related to GHG emission reductions and removals at the project level for Land Use and Forestry (Group 3), verification of assertions related to GHG emissions and removals at the organizational level, and verifications of assertions related to GHG emissions for the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation.  Aster Global is also an approved third-party validator and/or verifier for the Verified Carbon Standard; Climate Action Reserve; American Carbon Registry; Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance; California Air Resources Board; British Columbia Carbon Registry; The Climate Registry; CDP; and the British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan Reporting Regulation.

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