Ecosystem Services and Natural Resource Management

Our natural resource specialists (soil scientists, engineers, certified foresters, arborists, wetland specialists, and biometricians) routinely help our clients recognize, quantify, and enhance the broad suite of aesthetic, ecological, social and economic benefits of natural resources.  Ecosystem services create benefits through the proper management of natural resources, that include, but are not limited to, air quality, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and water quality. Many ecosystem services can provide additional financial incentive through cost savings (emission reduction, carbon sequestration and water quality offsets) or direct revenue through the sale of these offsets.  All these benefits should be considered when developing a comprehensive natural resources management plan that outlines how to manage the ecosystem benefits in a sustainable manner.

For example, a single urban tree can provide both cover and forage for a variety of bird, insect, and mammal species.  In buffers and small clusters, urban forests provide cover and forage to a much wider variety of species.  These same trees also sequester carbon dioxide, remove particulates and other air pollutants, provide water filtration through their root structures, and ameliorate flooding both by slowing the flow of water downstream and releasing water into the air through transpiration.  In addition, trees can provide direct shade for buildings, reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Summary of Services

With nearly two decades of domestic and international experience in the sustainability field, our team knows how to create and enhance leading-edge programs and initiatives that will garner top marks.

  • Ecosystem services assessment and quantification (GHG reductions, carbon sequestration, water quality, biodiversity, etc.)
  • Ecosystem services and natural resource management plans
  • Ecosystem service and GHG market education and training
  • Urban forest and natural resource assessment and management
  • Recreational planning (trails, boardwalks, educational exhibits)
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