Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation – CORSIA

CORSIA is a program implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with the specific goal of achieving carbon neutral growth in the International airline industry. The program is currently in the Baseline Period during which airlines are required to record, independently verify, and report CO2 emissions to be used to set the baseline standards for future phases of the program related to CO2 emissions and offsets.

Aster Global is one of the first ANAB accredited CORSIA verification entities user under ISO 14065 - Greenhouse gases—Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition

Verification of assertions related to GHG Emission Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

This accreditation allows Aster Global’s certified ICAO Trained CORSIA verifiers to accept and complete CO2 emission verification for airlines around the world.

As you and your airline work to meet the various requirements of CORSIA, having a trusted resource to verify, your reported CO2 emissions will be extremely valuable. Aster Global can be that resource for you.

Aster Global Environmental Solutions, Inc., is a worldwide leader in the areas of carbon emissions verification and offset validation and verification. As verifiers in a wide variety of climate monitoring protocols, we understand the challenges of first understanding what is required by new protocols and then implementing the myriad processes to support successful compliance. The Aster Global team includes ANAB accredited lead-verifiers, airline professionals, scientists, and support staff. Collectively we bring more than 85 years of industry experience to bear for you.

Our experience truly sets us apart; experience that we employ in supporting each of our clients and providing unique solutions to your specific challenges.  Not only do we validate and verify CO2 emissions, offset programs, and carbon sequestration projects, we have also contributed significantly to the creation of new protocols. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to help you and your airline to navigate the developing requirements and deadlines related to CORSIA.

Aster Global can provide additional value to you and your company through the successful verification of your CO2 inventory emissions report.  We would like the opportunity to provide you with a proposal. We welcome your questions and look forward to serving you.

For additional information on our CORSIA verification services, please contact Janice McMahon (

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