Blue Carbon and Wetland Ecosystems

Aster Global Environmental Solutions has more than 20 years of ecological experience in wetland and coastal wetland ecosystems. Our experience includes everything from the nuances of wetland delineation and permitting to design, implementation and monitoring of mitigation and ecological restoration plans, to the assessment of the world’s first blue carbon GHG emissions offset project methodology assessment.

Aster Global’s experience with blue carbon, carbon offset/GHG validation and verifications, and carbon offset methodology assessments is extensive. We played a key role as lead assessor for both of the existing VCS coastal blue carbon methodologies and served as the VCS approved Wetland Restoration and Conservation expert. Our team of seasoned lead verifiers, biometricians, GIS specialists, soil scientists, wetland ecologists, and wildlife biologists have worked on projects ranging from delineation of wetlands to helping with mitigation bank assessments. Our years of experience in wetland permitting, mitigation banking, and regulatory environmental assessments along with our extensive experience in wetland ecology, carbon sequestration, and GHG emission offset project and methodology assessments provide us the ability to ensure timely, effective and professional support services for all your blue carbon and wetland ecosystem project needs.

Our specific services related to coastal ecosystems and blue carbon projects includes:

  • GHG offset project validation and verification – wetland restoration and conservation
  • Verified carbon standard approved wetland restoration and conservation expert
  • GHG offset project methodology assessments
  • Soil stratification based on landforms, vegetation, water tables, organic vs. mineral soils, or other drivers of soil organic carbon accumulation
  • Assessment of peat and soil depletion times (PDT and SDT)
  • Identification and sampling of appropriate proxies for soil C change
  • Coastal ecosystem allometric equations assessments
  • Carbon sequestration analysis and modeling
  • Feasibility assessments for coastal ecosystems
  • Mitigation design, implementation and monitoring (preservation, ecological restoration, and enhancement)
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