About Us

Aster Global is a dedicated team of experienced environmental professionals providing personalized services to achieve client needs in the ever-changing global marketplace.

From the small, forest service management company to the largest timber growers in the world, and from entrepreneurs forging new technologies in carbon sequestration to City, County, State, and Country governments, Aster Global provides services to a wide array of commercial, governmental, and social organizations seeking to create creditable projects and products.

Through our constant desire to learn as well as educate, we have built a reputation around the World as thought leaders in the Carbon Sequestration, Validation, and Verification community and have helped set the standard for greenhouse gas emissions and removal validation, verification, and quantification services.

As an industry-leading environmental services company we are focused on providing quality services to organizations around the World. In addition to greenhouse gas emission offset and social program validation & verification, and project development, we also provide forest management, ecosystem services, corporate and social responsibility services, and more.

We value strong client relationships and our technical approach stresses integrity, experience, competence, quality, relatability, and above all, responsiveness to the needs of our clients.

Our History

The principals and scientific team of Aster Global Environmental Solutions, Inc., began serving the industry in 2005 as the Forestry Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Services Division of Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI).  In May of 2019 the Principal employees of ESI’s Forestry Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Services division Janice and Shawn McMahon purchased the division and began operations as Aster Global Environmental Solutions, Inc.

It has been our pleasure to serve you as consultants, validators and verifiers on your greenhouse gas emissions, offset, and removal projects around the world. We have worked on projects large and small with customers of all experience levels in our industry.



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